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Playing the devil’s tunes

March 1, 2007

The Salvation Army used to have a saying, why should the Devil have all the best tunes? What was meant was that ideas and initiatives meant to be used for some commercial or even immoral purpose could be taken over and used in another way to serve a nobler end.

The idea has enormous merit. My immediate interest is in whether what are commonly called Web 2.0 applications could be used for educational purposes. In New Zealand the websites most commonly visited are TradeMe, MySpace and Bebo, all Web 2.0 applications. While it would be difficult to see TradeMe as having a primarily educational function – the other sites foster interaction and discussion, essential functions of any educational activity.

I intend this blog to demonstrate a third kind of Web 2.0 application, blogging but it can also serve the purpose of reporting on my research into what can be achieved in Web 2.0 applications